What's the difference between the French and San Francisco sourdoughs?
The San Francisco Sourdough is all white flour and utilizes a 122-year old starter from Northern California and the French is half whole grain utilizing a yogurt culture made popular by Poilane, the famous bakery in France.

What's the best way to store your bread and how long will it stay fresh?

Simply leave the bread in the bag provided on the counter for two days (do not refrigerate).  Then transfer to a plastic zip bag for 3-5 days.

Can I freeze your bread?

Yes, you can freeze any of our breads.  Cut the loaf in half and wrap in aluminum foil.  When ready to eat, remove the foil and place the bread directly into a 350-degree oven for 20 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 100-degrees.

What's so special about your bread?

Our sourdoughs are chewy with a distinctively tangy, more complex flavor than white bread.  It's healthier for you too!

Do you use yeast?
No.  Sourdough is home to the same bacteria that are found in yogurts, Lactobacilli, which consumes the flour the same way yeast does, breaking down the gluten proteins as the bread rises.

I'm gluten-intolerant.  Can I eat your breads?
Most likely.  Some who struggle to digest gluten find they can tolerate sourdough bread.  That's because the longer the bread rises, the lower the gluten content will be (store-bought sourdough typically contains plenty of gluten).  All of our breads are mixed the day before and leavened slowly in refrigerators for at least twelve hours.

Do you make a gluten-free bread?
We are currently working on adding a gluten-free bread to our line-up.

What's the difference between your breads and sourdough breads from the grocery store?
Our sourdough is more rustic and less processed.  We make bread the way it was made centuries ago.  Commercially baked breads typically use a small amount of starter and add commercial yeast to make it rise quickly.  They also add flavors, like vinegar, to give it a sour taste.

Can I pre-order and pick up the same day?
Probably, but text us at (804) 912-5859 to confirm.

What's the flavor in your Finnish Nissu Sweet Bread?  Does it taste sour?
Cardamom is the spice we use for the bread.  And although we use a "sourdough" process, no, our Nissu Sweet bread is not sour.

Do any of your breads contain allergens?

Our Nissu Sweet bread contains milk and eggs.  Our other breads are primarily made from flour, salt, olive oil and water.

Do I have to buy your breads from the bakery?

No.  We currently supply Ellwood Thompson's, Good Foods Grocery, Tuckahoe Seafood, Pole Green Produce  and Outpost Richmond.  We also offer pick-up on Friday afternoons at Barrel Thief Wine and Provisions.