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1321 ½ East Main Street, Suite 111
Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-3pm

Breads simply made by hand
with natural ingredients,
crafted in the Old-World tradition.
Just as a potter cannot make two identical clay bowls,
each loaf is a creation unique to itself.   
Ah, but the taste is consistent, unwavering...exquisite.

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Our Breads ~

$9 whole loaf (1 3/4 pound)
$7 boule'  (1 pound)
$5 baguette (1 pound)


Our heartiest bread made from sunflower seeds, flax and oats that are soaked for 24 hours.  Rye, whole wheat flour, a touch of honey, olive oil and salt are then added making this bread the perfect protein power-punch to start your day.


Nissu Sweet Bread

Nissu (pulla) is a Finnish sweet bread made from cardamom, eggs, sugar, flour and milk.  Perfect with your coffee or tea!

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Rustic Italian

A white bread for the sophisticated palette with exceptional texture and a crisp crust.  Made from a combination of two starters (poolish and liquid levain) and a drizzle of olive oil, this is not your Wonder Bread of yesteryear.  Face've grown up!

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San Francisco Sourdough

A traditional sourdough made from San Francisco starter.  Puts the right amount of pucker to your lips.  Great for sandwiches!

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French Sourdough

A sourdough made with whole wheat in a yogurt culture.  Full of flavor with just the right amount of sweet to counterbalance the sour.

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Italian Baguette
Italian Baguette

What says "Old-World Style" more than a baguette?  A fluffy inside encased in a crunchy crust.  It's a taste explosion with every bite!   A simple, perfect companion with your dinner.  Or experiment and create your own crostini!  The possibilities are endless.

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Rye Sourdough Boule'

A simple sourdough made with rye gives this bread a deep, earthy flavor with a touch of sour.  Its distinct taste makes it perfect for a grilled cheese or your favorite sandwich.

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Japanese Milk Rolls

How to describe Japanese Milk Rolls?  Slightly sweet, fluffy, buttery, light, pillowy, and of course...milky.

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Gift Certificates Available

Gift Certificate

What can be better than a gift of bread?  Send someone you care about a $10, $25 or $50 gift certificate to Europa Crust today!

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